Sex and Medical Marijuana?

There’s a lot of talk about marijuana, but nobody seems to be talking about one of its best benefits: A raging sex life. Sure, it sounds strange, but the truth is that it’s been used to get people down and dirty for thousands of years.

In fact, ancient cultures often used cannabis to pump up libido, provide strong, long-lasting erections, promote delayed ejaculation, help with healthy lubrication, and, of course, loosen inhibitions.

It’s been reported that practitioners of tantric sex used to, and still do, partake of bhang – a special preparation of cannabis – to heighten their sexual experiences.

But you may be thinking – hold up, doesn’t pot slow you down? The truth is that different strains have different effects and that each person is affected differently when they use marijuana.

To help clear up some confusion, here’s a short list of why some people do and don’t consider marijuana an aphrodisiac.

Relaxing or Being Too Relaxed

While it’s true that enjoying the occasional toke here and there may put some to sleep, for others, having their stress melt away can help put them in the mood.

Couple that with the fact that cannabis can help sex feel better, and it’s no wonder that some studies suggest people who smoke marijuana have more healthy sex lives with more frequent sex and better sexual experiences.

ECS – Pressing Your Pleasure Button

The Endocannabinoid System or ECS is an expansive and somewhat complicated subject matter. ECS helps with the modulation of non-emotional and emotional behaviors – including your sexual behavior.

Our own bodies produce a natural cannabinoid which is called ‘anandamide’ (AKA ‘the bliss chemical’). This causes pleasure and euphoria.

THC works on the same network as our own anandamide. Because of this, experts suspect that people become aroused when partaking in marijuana.

Picking the Perfect Strain

As mentioned before, the strain of marijuana that you use has a huge impact on what types of effects you can expect. When it comes to using cannabis for aphrodisiac purposes, you may want to look into blueberry strains such as Blue Cheese and DJ Short’s Blueberry, Northern Lights #5, Lavender, and – of course – Love Potion #9. The theories go that these are all high TCH with the perfect THC: CBD ratios.

Oil for Her Pleasure

A study was conducted that found that women who had cannabis oil applied were not only aroused with and without outside stimulus but enjoyed the feeling of the oil itself. The results were so profound, that it was recommended to treat low sex drive in women.

It has even led to some theorizing that medicines such as Viagra could easily incorporate (or be replaced by!) cannabis-derived medicines.

If you have a qualifying condition and think that medical marijuana can help you (and your sex life!), then you should see if you can get pre-qualified! Call LifeBoost to pre-qualify for medical cannabis and jump-start your sex life!

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