Before you can order medical marijuana from our clinic, you must first determine if you have a qualifying diagnosis. You can find out what conditions qualify for a medical cannabis prescription by contacting our clinic.

Florida law requires patients to be treated by a physician for at least three months before you can order medical marijuana. Once you have met that requirement and you have determined that you have an eligible diagnosis, your next step will be to schedule an appointment with our Marijuana Doctor in Boca Raton.

Your Appointment

During your appointment, your doctor will receive informed consent from you or your legal guardian if you are a minor. You are also required by Florida law to determine that there are no other satisfactory alternative treatment options for your condition. Your doctor will then make a record of your specific marijuana dosing plan and the method of administration. Marijuana can be administered via a vaporizer, a capsule, or an oral tincture, among other administration methods.

It is also important to remember that your medical chart must contain documentation from the physician or mental health provider who originally diagnosed you by your second appointment with our clinic. There are also additional documentation requirements for any patients who are under the age of 18.

Florida Compassionate Use Registry

After you’ve had your appointment, your name will be placed in Florida’s Compassionate Use Registry, which will allow you to legally obtain medical marijuana from a state-apporoved dispensary. You will be able to obtain a state-issued medical marijuana ID card with a unique ID number. You will have to complete and submit an application for an ID card with the Office of Compassionate Use.

Obtaining Medical Marijuana from a State-Approved Dispensary

Once you have met all the requirements to use medical marijuana, you will be directed to one of the many state-approved marijuana dispensaries in the state of Florida. You will be able to order up to a 70-day supply from the ordering physician.

Quarterly Follow-Up Appointments

In order to remain active in the Compassionate Use Registry, all patients will need to have quarterly follow-up appointments with a physician. Dr. Bruce Stratt, MD will evaluate your health and your progress to determine the best course of action for your treatment. Our office will remind you to schedule these appointments so that you may remain active in the Compassionate Use Registry.

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