Times are changing, and there is a growing use of cannabis among senior citizens despite the typical stereotype of its use being irresponsible teens. Medical marijuana is more than just a drug that gets you high, and with the help of science, its many therapeutic benefits have been brought to light. Its increased use is for good reasons as it has over time proven to be a vital weapon against the ravages of age. The following are five compelling reasons why seniors should regularly add cannabis to their daily routine.

Cannabis Repairs the Brain

Age catches up with everyone, but it is possible to slow it down. Medical cannabis is scientifically proven to fight ravages of aging by slowing down the brains aging process. Its impact in old minds is significant. Medical marijuana reduces the decline in cognitive functions of the brain. It modulates physiological processes that cause aging.

Cancer Prevention and Treatment

Cancer has struck fear into many if not all humans but with the help of cannabis, seniors can not only fight it but also prevent it. Medical marijuana can be used to treat cancers affecting the brain, lungs, uterus, breast, prostate, mouth, skin and much more. Cannabis smokers have fewer incidences of cancer also so while getting high; seniors are also reducing their chances of developing some cancers such as those affecting the head and neck. Medical cannabis helps fight cancer in several ways such as; it slows down reproduction of cancerous cells hence slowing them down from spreading. It also induces the cells to die naturally without the need of chemo and radiation thus sparing the surrounding healthy cells.

Marijuana as an Insomnia Treatment

Insomnia is prevalent in seniors. Most old people experience difficulties in falling and staying asleep. This leads to using of pharmaceutical pills which have many side effects, and the prescriptions require further prescriptions to combat side effects from the sleep-inducing medicines. It induces restful sleep.

Medical Cannabis Alleviates pain

With age, most people find themselves popping pills for pain relief which bring about addiction and even may be cases of overdose. Medical cannabis can help aging people avoid or get off the pain-relieving medications. Pain in seniors can be caused by psychological stress. Medical marijuana helps reduce depression and anxiety hence alleviating the pain. Also, cannabis has been successfully used to manage pain from ailments such as arthritis. Cannabis activates CB2 receptors in arthritic joints to reduce pain and inflammation both in the joints and in the brain. Ointments and topical salves from marijuana are also applied and absorbed through the skin providing powerful relief options without smoking.

Stimulates Appetite and Regulates Weight

The ability of cannabis to stimulate appetite is legendary. It can be used by seniors with depreciating appetite to combat body wasting and maintaining a healthy body look. It also alleviates cases of nausea that makes most seniors have a low appetite. Also, it helps those with excess weight slim down lowering incidences of cardiovascular diseases and Type II diabetes.

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